MOLDRAW: a program to display and manipulate molecular and crystalline structures


by Piero UGLIENGO  University of Torino - Dipartimento Chimica. Via P. Giuria 7 -10125 Torino. ITALY

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Welcome to the MOLDRAW home page!


MOLDRAW 32-bits version is the evolution of the former 16-bits version which was developed together with Prof. Davide Viterbo (now at the Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Avanzate of the University of Piemonte Orientale) and Prof. Giacomo Chiari (now chief scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute) during the last 20 years (P. Ugliengo, D. Viterbo and G. Borzani J. Appl. Cryst. 21, 75 (1988) "MOLDRAW:  Program for the Graphical Manipulation of Molecules on Personal Computers"). MOLDRAW is a freeware program which can be downloaded by students of any degree and researchers of universities and research centers funded by public money.

It is not free for private companies of any kind and its usage is forbidden for projects linked to any extent to military activities. For more details please read the license agreement.


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We kindly ask users to acknowledge the use of MOLDRAW in their work by quoting the following reference in their scientific papers or PhD thesis:


P. Ugliengo, D. Viterbo, G. Chiari Z. Kristallogr. 207, 9 (1993) "MOLDRAW: Molecular Graphics on a Personal Computer."


P. Ugliengo "MOLDRAW: A Program to Display and Manipulate Molecular and Crystal Structures", Torino (2006) available on the web at: "".


NEWS: The actual version is able to import output files from CRYSTAL03, CRYSTAL06, CRYSTAL09 and CRYSTAL14. For CRYSTAL14 both IR and Raman intensities are correctly read. More infos on the latest CRYSTAL version are available here.


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